Josh's blog

Week 6

The apartment

Still in Sydney. Still in the same place. Two bedrooms, but I use the second as office / games. A week or two ago we moved the second desk into the living room - more comfortable for Hannah than using the dining table I think, and space for the spare monitor. The apartment building next door is almost complete - the rooftop garden has plants and exercise equipment in it, which will be nice to gawk at.


T-shirts and pyjama shorts. Except to leave the house, when I would put on jeans, and take a face mask and pocket hand sanitizer. After a brief cool patch with rain, it’s been warm again, so I ignore socks / slippers most of the time. Also Folding@Home is pumping the office full of heat.


Home-made meals most of the time.

Breakfast was often muesli with oat m*lk, porridge, or sometimes eggs and avocado on toast.

Lunch tended to be either leftovers, things on toast, or occasionally freshly cooked food.

Dinner varied the most, with all sorts of delicious things: kimchi fritters, Thai curry meatballs, steak and mash, salmon and mash and broccolini, mixed noodles…

We only ordered delivery maybe once a week. It tended to be pizza on Fridays but was sometimes Indian or Thai.


This week it was aeropress after showering, and a mid-morning syphon. A few weeks ago we used up the V60 filter papers but Hannah ordered more.

Other beverages

  1. Always Be Hydrating (ABH)
  2. Whisk(e)y, neat/ice cube/highball


55 inches, still has that issue where the audio is screwed up sometimes when Chromecasting. Also I need to repair the stereo.

  1. I’m still catching up on Buffy…
  2. Slowly getting through season 2 of Altered Carbon
  3. Need to finish off Eizouken
  4. Hannah was keeping up with Terrace House
  5. We just finished Feel Good


The garden

Indoors: Jamie’s rubber plant (as in ficus, not as in made of rubber), the fern I rescued from the mint outside, the sanseveria that grew from a cutting rescued from the office, Hannah’s cyclamens and succulents

Balcony: a Kentia palm, limes and lemons, a few frangipani, aloe, the philodendron Winton didn’t want making moves on the wall, an oak from an acorn I found in Canberra once, some sweet alice, buckwheat, grasses, cherry tomatoes, mint and peppermint, more sanseveria, an apple tree, a bonsai-ed pear seedling, a rosemary cutting, and finally, taking over everything: pumpkins from seeds. All the chilis have long died. I’ve missed a few.


Not really - I went out yesterday to get probiotics and do a quick grocery shop. Saw a bunch of families exercising and playing in the park. The supermarket had (individual rolls of) toilet paper in stock!!?

On the other hand, I’ve had no motivation to do morning walks. Best laid plans, etc.

Work from home

Hard to get fully productive - expected. Home office chair has become a bit uncomfortable. Should have nicked my chair from the office. The year-long team video chat is mildly irritating, but nice to see people and have ad-hoc chats. It’s much nicer responding to oncall incidents from my workstation rather than laptop.


Shot for months, have hardly been inspired to create anything in a while.

Home labs

Did find some motivation to install Faucet and play around with SDN. Might write a post about that soon?