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A bunch of old code, for historical interest. All code and programs linked here are per the usual: NO warranty or fitness for a particular purpose. Use entirely at your own risk!

Sub-crack (source only, GPLv3): It’s a simple substitution cipher cracker that uses genetic algorithms, in C++. I wrote it to break LCA2011 HackFest puzzles.

matt.exe: A small Windows program to optimise your screen real estate. Written for, and named in honour of, Matt “McFail”.

Obvious Cat: The most obvious thing that Mac OS X seems to be missing the most (a stopwatch). So I wrote one. It’s also the demo program for my /dev/world 2009 talk on Sparkle.

Mandelbrot (source only): The OpenCL-powered Mandelbrot generator I exhibited at /dev/world 2009.