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This page has bits of music that I made as a hobby, inspired by things my friends were up to, or on occasion, actually used for something. I studied maths and computing at uni, not music or audio design, so: enjoy!

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Random music

Me on SoundCloud
More random music on SoundCloud!

Track Format Date Size
8-bit loop M4A Mar 2010 827 KB
Wheel 2 M4A Oct 2009 7.2 MB
Metamorphosis 1 M4A May 2009 5.7 MB
IDeMpotent M4A, OGG Apr 2009 1.9 MB, 1.7 MB
SecretLab-Fantasia M4A Mar 2009 9.8 MB
Wheel M4A, OGG Mar 2009 3.8 MB, 3.4 MB
Challenger M4A, OGG Mar 2009 1.2 MB, 971 KB
Buttonmeister M4A Jan 2009 1.2 MB
l M4A Jan 2009 3.1 MB
thingo M4A Jan 2009 1.5 MB
If only M4A Dec 2008 15.7 MB
Clank M4A Oct 2007 3.2 MB
Abacus M4A Sep 2007 2.5 MB
Dual Space M4A Sep 2007 4.2 MB

Marvellous Ultimate Appliances

Music for our July 2013 GovHack entry, Marvellous Ultimate Appliances.

Track Format Size
Fight MP3 408 KB
Fight-In MP3 39 KB
Shopping MP3 340 KB

Button Squid

Soundtrack done for an alpha of Button Squid by Secret Lab, February 2009.

Track Format Size
Meddle M4A, OGG 2.2 MB, 1.3 MB
Retrospection M4A, OGG 2 MB, 1.2 MB
Squid on a Mission M4A, OGG 4.1 MB, 2.7 MB
squiddly delight M4A, OGG 2 MB, 1.1 MB
Thin Edge of Science M4A, OGG 3.1 MB, 2.2 MB
Thinner Edge of Science M4A 3.3 MB


Soundtrack for Culture by Secret Lab, an early iOS game (June 2008).

Track Format Size
Marimb M4A 3 MB
infimum M4A 2.3 MB