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Published 10 November 2019

Blog III

I’m rebooting my blog, again, kind of like how, from time to time, Hollywood reboots movie franchises, or Facebook reboots Mark Zuckerberg. Minus the late-stage capitalism. This blog is free.


Lots of reasons. You may have noticed the complete blogging stagnation, with zero posts here since 2017. I have only written four posts since the last blog “reboot” (2015, when I migrated away from WordPress). Or maybe you noticed it was fully malfunctioning recently. Haha. Hope none of you noticed!

Other than technical issues, the demise of Blog 2.0 in 2018 was mainly down to two reasons:

  1. I was too busy or burnt out to write, and
  2. When I did have something to write, the statically-generated site workflow had juuuuust enough speed bumps to stop me feeling bothered.

Meanwhile, over in the social media…

  • I have a Twitter account. It gets used mostly for retweeting things or the occasional attempt at being funny. It’s not a blog platform, and they don’t ban Nazis.
  • Many months ago, I closed down my Facebook account. Good riddance. I don’t trust them, and neither should you.
  • I still have an Instagram account though! I sometimes use it to share pictures of whatever I’m about to eat. I suppose they get to keep part of my soul forever.
  • Tumblr is…Tumblr. Fine and dandy, but I hardly ever go there.
  • I never really started on Medium, and given how annoying they are attempting to get me to log in to view people’s posts, I won’t be.
  • Recording video isn’t my jam, so (other problems aside) YouTube doesn’t suit me.

At least SoundCloud is still around… oh.

Blog III it is.

What’s changed?

  • A fresh new responsive Material look
  • A hand-built blog engine
  • Historical revisionism

Where are all the posts before 2012?

I started Blog 1 in 2008. The quality of the writing was…variable. (It still is.) Most of the posts since The Paper Tiger were a bit better, and also more popular. I think. I removed the analytics a while ago. Who knows?

If enough people complain, I might peer into the archives and put a few of the old ones back.

What next?

More posts - soon?